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Saturday, April 25th, 2009
3:50 pm - if this is not allowed... please delete
i have these two french 1952 girly mags... sensations and paris tabou... both are in good condition and i want to sell them... i am asking 25.00 per book... the only place i have seen either offered are rare online book stores in the UK.. both are going for about 45.00uk.... i am not sure where to list them on ebay and i want them to go to an "appreciative" buyer.. if you are interested i can scan the covers and post more info.. or .. do you have any idea where i could post them for sale... that would help too!

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Thursday, January 6th, 2005
4:46 pm

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Wednesday, November 3rd, 2004
1:17 pm - i'm baaackkkk with the smell of fuck
my hair is a perfect shade of brown...pics tomarrow...i voted yesterday and was away all all weekend...the mr. and me in a cozy cabin up north...a dirty judy blume book and "odd thomas" from dean koontz...what more can you ask for...

so this isn't a "friends only entry" because i've found the culprit of some anonymous comments... i know who you are and all i have to say is it's just plain old pathetic to take the time from VEGAS to be rude when i've been nothing but nice to you...
not mad...just perplexed how anyone can be that immature...that's all the time i'll be taking out of my life for that...

anyway... three blue teardrops this weekend..fuck oh fuck yeah!!!!!

current mood: amused

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Monday, October 18th, 2004
9:34 am - awwwe how cute
Your rockabilly dream date is Wayne "the
train" Hancock! He might not be all that
to look at but at least he will treat you
right. He is a sencere man, honest and he'll
probably write a tear-jerking song about you

Who would be your ROCKABILLY dream date?
brought to you by Quizilla

i tried this again and lied...then got james intveld..then mike ness...but i gotta stick with wayne...

too bad i already have my rockabilly dream date...anytime i want...

mwwaahhh honey bunny!

current mood: amused

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Monday, September 20th, 2004
11:10 am - jamie you missed out but i'm sure you'll hear details later!
ok Big Sandy rocked my socks...well i wasn't wearing socks..but you get what i'm saying...


great show!!! we showed up super late but he play'd a whole other set!!! didn't hear "muchachita" :-( but that's ok cause luci got drunk enough to dance with me...

important points:
found the mr's doppleganger
got sprayed in the ass with a seltzer spray
smoked too many ciggs
home at 4 up at 8
woke up in full make-up

thing i heard the most last night: "i feel sooo much better."

funniest thing i heard all night: "it's all fun and games 'till somebody looses a pompadour."


current mood: tired

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Wednesday, September 8th, 2004
8:52 am - alrght alright.. my myspace has been slow

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Friday, August 27th, 2004
10:01 am - le sigh....

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Friday, July 23rd, 2004
8:45 pm - go ken go!!!!

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Tuesday, May 25th, 2004
9:32 am - well well well


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Friday, May 21st, 2004
3:54 pm - apropo
Which Bettie Are You? by antisocialoser
You Are This Bettie
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!

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Monday, May 17th, 2004
8:29 am - monday morning wrap up
ok.. so went to look at houses saturday... didn't see anything we liked.. then went out to a show... unimpressed..nothing new.. plus my stomach hurt so bad... so we came home early...
sunday i slept my tummy ache away... sunday was crap..
the urge to purge
contemplating cutting
need for speed
tossed and turned all night
took a preg test this morning.. negative.. of course.. the good news is i didn't cry

current mood: sleepy

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Friday, May 14th, 2004
4:21 pm - seriously
will you change the way you look when you hit 30?
answer it god damnit.. i want some feed back

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2:19 pm - jjjaaayyysuuus
hey ran across this on a bio page! jesus fucking christ!

"You're more punk, hardcore, mod, straightedge, emo, indie than me. Your hair is cooler, your pants are tighter, you have more tattoos. You have cooler pins on your messenger bag and your favorite band is more obscure than mine. Your shoes are more vintage and so is your t-shirt. You own more black clothes than me. I don't even own a denim jacket. Your glasses are thicker and blacker than mine, the plugs in your ears are bigger. You know more people in bands and your black jelly bracelets are the envy of scenesters everywhere. Your photography is blacker and whiter, your Friendster profile is wittier, and you have much better soul records. Your tie is whiter, or redder, or blacker. Your scene points are double, perhaps triple, mine. Because as we all know, that's what really matters. In a scene where the music has taken a backseat to the haircuts, you win and I lose." by ihearithurts

yo muthafucka.. buy this girl a drink!

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1:54 pm - ohhh my
haha a loonnngg time ago melissa (a friend of mine at one time) and i were watchin' this porn.. and a nurse was gettin' it hard from a doctor and the nurse was goin' "oh my, oh my, oh my, oh my" hahaha it was so rad... don't know where that memory came from... don't know what happened to melissa either.. i think she married a skin head back in CA or something..
makes me wonder if anyone i don't talk to anymore ever thinks about me... was i ever important?

anyway took some new pics clickity click you know what to do...

New Pics Click HereCollapse )

PS: if i don't know you DON'T ADD ME!!!!! or at least say something dummies!

current mood: nostalgic

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Wednesday, May 12th, 2004
8:39 am - rotten dentures
class was unbearable last night... i got there right on time so i had to sit in the front... thus having to smell this man's breath... a mix of rotten dentures and cigarettes... he lectured the entire 3 hours and got upset when he was interrupted (for ?'s or requests for him to repeat what he said).. and we didn't even cover it all.. and we already have a test on thursday.. damnit!
i got zero sleep last night.. it was hot and i was too sleepy to shower so i just felt gross all night... i couldn't even sleep in cause what's the point? so i've got a TON of reading to do... and i have nothing else to say.. how utterly boring am i?

horny and feeling sadistic but way too tired, dirty, and sticky to do anything about it..

current mood: dirty

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Tuesday, May 11th, 2004
11:33 am - sick sick sick
sick of you
sick of it all
of whose who
so fuck off doll

you don't know
and never will
cause i'm just low
don't fit your bill

don't go out?
well what a sin
i'd rather be out
of the scene you're in

bullshit lies
that's all you tell
gonna cut my ties
from the crap you sell


you are at your ugliest when you're jealous..
green is not your color!

current mood: pissed off

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Monday, May 10th, 2004
8:46 am - lazy weekend
i start school tonight.. i'm a little stressed because i don't have my books yet... i ordered one of them on line and it's not here yet... i can only hope it gets here today...

all weekend i was feeling dizzy and strange... and actually it's been coming and going for a while now..
not to raise my hopes.. but i'm gonna take a preg. test this week.. i really doubt that's what it is.. but we'll see...

anyway.. called the moms yesterday for mother's day.. she just continues to let me down... it sucks cause sometimes i'm so damn proud to be her daughter... i think it's when i forget what she really is.. sure she'd done some really great things... FOR OTHER PEOPLE... but as my brother says "i think she forgot she had a family"

it's my dad's birthday so it's another horrid call home tonight...

oh by the way

ana out!

current mood: restless

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Friday, May 7th, 2004
11:45 am - 1...2...3 GO... 1...2...3...GO!

-if it was any other band but this i wouldn't have gone. sick, bloated,
and dizzy, i dunno what's wrong with me
-control top panties weren't working
-hair was out of control
-my car smells, i dry heaved twice on our drive up
-madori sours weren't... need i say more? nice buzz but what the
hell was in it?
-i was the meat in a fat biker molestation sandwich
-stupid drunk guys almost hit me with a table.. yes a table!
-i forgot my camera

-it was 3 bad jacks for god's sake! www.threebadjacks.com
-my secret crush was there... i just can't talk to her.. i know if i get to
know her i won't like her... i think it's the mystery i'm attracted to
-socializing is always fun
-some guy thought the mr. was in the band.. haha
-rockin' music
-hug from elvis makes it all worth it

ps: i've decided when we get a house, we'll be a sponsor house for traveling bands

pss: since i forgot to take the camera to the show here's a pic of me from last night:

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Thursday, May 6th, 2004
5:33 pm - sleepy
took a 3 and a half hour nap...

3 bad jacks tonight!!!!!

full report and pictures tomarrow!

ps.. i've been a little quite about things going on lately.. to all who expressed concern... thanks.. and everything's peachy...

k---call my mom.. it's her birthday...

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Tuesday, May 4th, 2004
6:00 pm - three different subjects
1st.. the moral to the story is that i can not let things happen
and then cry about them later

2nd.. why is it those who hold up the highest let you down the
hardest... my brother said "i think she forgot she had a family"

3rd.. control is the hardest thing to give up... sorry luci lou..
things will get better i promise... if they don't you have
permission to kick me in the nuts!
p.s: she's coming back on thursday not the 15th but is still
gonna miss 3bj's...

speaking of... only 2 more days whoo daaayyy whoooo...
anyone know what the weathers gonna be like?
cause mama's got a new dress!

oh and pretty soon my journal will be friends only so enjoy it
while it lasts or jump on the train yo!

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